Retro Vintage Definitions

Determining by definition, if an item is retro, vintage or antique, may vary, depending on which website or book you are reading.

Therefore, it is only fair, that here at Retro Vintage Australia, we share with you our guidelines on retro, vintage and antique definitions.

Retro Definition: Retro, means to look back, so we will use the definition on any item that is from a different decade or era.

Vintage Definition: Vintage is a tricky term, and I remember when I was younger, it referred to a vehicle being over 20 years old. That seems almost laughable now.

Some firmly believe that vintage should at least have some respectable class to it, and I guess when it comes to 'things', what one person sees as being wonderful and amazing, someone else may see as old and tacky. I will however, do my best not to overuse the word vintage when describing a particular item.

Some websites, and this is a good example of how our language changes with time, (Hence why dictionaries are updated, and not just reprinted) will use vintage in the same vein as retro.

For example, a recycled clothing store will always describe clothes as being vintage. And if you were looking for original electronic games such as Atari, you would not have a problem calling them vintage.

I struggle a bit to call 70s canisters vintage though. Either way, you can count on the definition vintage, will evolve and be argued about for some time to come.

A popular thought is that it's okay to use the term vintage, as long as you include a date with the term. For example, "These canisters are vintage 70s.", describing the term vintage as when the item was created.

The vintage definition is definitely prickly to some, however, I am sure we all get the general gist these days.

Antique: You probably won't see much in the way of antiques on my website in the near future, however, be assured that if I were referring to an item as being antique, then I would refer to the antique definition of the item being at least 100 years old.

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